About Us


At Computa we’re your go-to geeks. We offer in-home computer services to help you with your tech needs.
Our techs are all veterans in their fields with years of experience in professional IT organizations. They’ve learned how to translate “tech talk” into plain English. This is a rare skill in IT, and it’s the key to our success.
Our customers love us because we empower them to get past the jargon and start getting stuff done. Our technicians act as mentors helping our customers learn new skills and answer questions.
Computa also restores lost computer performance and performs cost-effective upgrades to extend the life of older PCs & Macs. Once in an optimal state, our technicians will run a snapshot backup of your computer in case of disaster. If your computer ever crashes or you delete the wrong file, we’ll be able to rescue you.
If you need help with your computer or anything technical give us a call at (918) 701 – 0824 for a free quote!